Invitation style: Andrew Torres

Andrew Torres is an illustrator for many of the most popular PostScript Brooklyn suites. His first drawing for Lion in the Sun was the Brooklyn Bridge for his own wedding invitations. The popularity of the design led to requests for illustrations of other New York scenes. Inspired by a lifelong interest in architecture, his work features exquisite details and captures the vibrancy of the city. Andrew can also be heard talking about these streets and bridges, reporting traffic evenings on 1010 WINS radio.

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  1. Invitation

    Third Street: Invitation

  2. RSVP cards

    Third Street: RSVP

  3. Reception card

    Third Street: Reception Card

  4. Direction card

    Third Street: Direction Card

  1. Enclosure card

    Third Street: Enclosure Card

  2. Thank you card

    Third Street: Thank You Card

  3. Save the date

    Third Street: Save the Date

  4. Invitation

    Seaport: Invitation

  1. RSVP cards

    Seaport: RSVP

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