Invitation style: Moontree Letterpress

The Moontree Letterpress print shop is located in Brooklyn, New York in the historic DUMBO waterfront district. All work is handmade in our small artisan studio. We are inspired by the beauty in the natural world and we use these themes in our designs. The work reflects the craftsmanship, care and attention we pay to each piece of letterpress.

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  1. Invitation

    Central Park: Invitation

  2. RSVP cards

    Central Park: RSVP

  3. Reception card

    Central Park: Reception Card

  4. Direction card

    Central Park: Direction Card

  1. Enclosure card

    Central Park: Enclosure Card

  2. Thank you card

    Central Park: Thank You Card

  3. Save the date

    Central Park: Save the Date

  4. Invitation

    Lookout Hill: Invitation

  1. RSVP cards

    Lookout Hill: RSVP

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