Invitation style: Pineapple Street

Pineapple Street

The view of the Brooklyn Bridge from the famed Brooklyn Promenade! The stars and the skyline twinkle at dusk in the background. A bold wedding invitation, it is the proud statement of crossing a bridge together and the wide open future ahead. This is a perfect invite for a modern loft event with a great view. Choose bold colors for a more festive effect. Shown here on cotton paper digitally printed in navy and turquoise inks with gravel and white envelopes. Approximate per piece pricing for 100 invitations, envelopes and reply card sets: digital = $7, one color letterpress = $10 and 2 color letterpress = $12.

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  1. Invitation

    Pineapple Street: Invitation

  2. RSVP cards

    Pineapple Street: RSVP

  3. Reception card

    Pineapple Street: Reception Card

  4. Direction card

    Pineapple Street: Direction Card

  1. Enclosure card

    Pineapple Street: Enclosure Card

  2. Thank you card

    Pineapple Street: Thank You Card

  3. Save the date

    Pineapple Street: Save the Date


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