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San Remo

Classic Manhattan in all its glory! This wedding invitation designed by The Nic Studio features the famed San Remo building, as visible from Central Park. A whimsical suite, it includes a glimpse of a New York City street as well as the majestic skyline peaking over the canopy of the park, evoking the true romance of the city. Available with or without the dancing couple. Perfect for any New York City wedding or any event that wants to evoke that festive feeling. Shown here on cotton paper digitally printed in willow and black inks with white envelopes. Approximate per piece pricing for 100 invitations, envelopes and reply card sets: digital = $7, one color letterpress = $10 and 2 color letterpress = $12.

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  1. Invitation

    San Remo: Invitation

  2. RSVP cards

    San Remo: RSVP

  3. Reception card

    San Remo: Reception Card

  4. Direction card

    San Remo: Direction Card

  1. Enclosure card

    San Remo: Enclosure Card

  2. Thank you card

    San Remo: Thank You Card

  3. Save the date

    San Remo: Save the Date


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