Invitation style: Foundry


Inspired by NYC’s historic Foundry, this rustic, exposed brick motif is perfect for any warehouse, barn or vineyard setting, inviting your guests to walk through the archway to your special day. The soft color background adds texture to either digital or letterpress versions and the ivy can be added for a more romantic invitation or removed to convey a clean and architectural feel. Shown here digitally printed in nickel and willow inks. Approximate per piece pricing for 100 invitations, envelopes and reply card sets: digital = $7, one color letterpress = $10 and 2 color letterpress = $12.

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  1. Invitation

    Foundry: Invitation

  2. RSVP cards

    Foundry: RSVP

  3. Reception card

    Foundry: Reception Card

  4. Direction card

    Foundry: Direction Card

  1. Enclosure card

    Foundry: Enclosure Card

  2. Thank you card

    Foundry: Thank You Card

  3. Save the date

    Foundry: Save the Date


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